Coimbra Higher Institute of Engineering extends training to Cape Verde

Coimbra Higher Institute of Engineering extends training to Cape Verde

The Coimbra Higher Institute of Engineering (ISEC) will develop training courses in Cape Verde in the area of smart cities management, automotive technology and management and civil engineering.

According to Mário Velindro, president of ISEC, in April, postgraduate courses in the area of smart city management, courses in technology and automobile management and in “Building Information Modellin” (BIM) – a methodology for sharing information in the various phases of concession, design and construction of a building.

“We are betting on areas that the Cape Verdean Government is pursuing, all of which are closely linked to digitization, innovation and new technologies”, said the responsible to the Lusa news agency, noting that the training will involve more than a hundred students.

According to the president of ISEC, at the beginning of the next academic year in Cape Verde, in September, an introductory computer course should also start for 85 students aged between eight and 11 years.

It is a replica of a course from that educational institution approved in São Tomé and Príncipe, which won a competition with more than 100 competitors promoted by the consortium involving the oil companies British Petroleum – BP and Kosmos Energy and the National Petroleum Agency of that country.

The courses to be developed in Cape Verde are the result of partnerships with the University of that country, with the Smart City CV Foundation, with the Polytechnic Institute for Democracy and Development and with several companies operating in the territory.

“ISEC's presence in Cape Verde will allow the mobility of students and teachers, increasing its visibility among Cape Verdean students and, we are certain, increasing the number of international students in our courses in Coimbra”, says Mário Velindro.

On the other hand, these partnerships are “another way for ISEC researchers and professors to exercise their vocation to provide services to companies and transfer knowledge, putting science at the service of people and development”, according to the same spokesperson.

In the future, another of the projects to be launched in Cape Verde will allow the creation of a technical course on aircraft maintenance, together with Sevenair and the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Cape Verde.

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